Anchor Installation.

Atlas Anchor Testing has been a specialist in concrete and soil anchor installation nationwide since 2015.

We specialize in the most complex anchor installation that is beyond the comfort level of the most skilled contractors and tradesmen. We can do better what other professionals can not because we solely specialize in anchor installation and testing.

Anchor Installation Projects Completed Nationwide

Our installation projects have taken us to the Hudson River in New York City to install rock anchors on docks installed in the 1950’s, to the heart of the World Trade Center in a blast proof mechanical room encased in steel. It needed structural anchors replaced due to the lingering flood damage from 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. Projects have taken us out the oil fields in West Texas that needed an emergency anchor replaced on a concrete platform for a 100’ utility pole.

We specialize in the following anchor installation methods:

  • Late 19th century to mid 20th century concrete anchor installation
    • Epoxy anchor (Hilti, DeWalt, Simpson, Silka and other brands) installation with and without screen tubes
    • Terracotta (1850’s to 1930’s – NYC, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, etc.)
    • Cinder Concrete Slab also known as Cindercrete or Ashcrete (1920’s to 1940’s)
  • Hollow block 
  • Edge of concrete slab for curtain wall and glazing applications
  • Post installed rebar
  • Soil anchors 
  • Rock anchors
  • Grouted anchors
  • Tieback anchors 
  • Anchors in marine, industrial, petrochemical and nuclear applications 
  • Underwater anchors

Client Testimonials.

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