Anchor Pull / Shear Testing.

Highly Trained & Experienced Technicians.

Post installed concrete anchors or rebar are some of the most incorrectly installed applications on a construction project. Finding out too late if an anchor or rebar was installed incorrectly can have catastrophic results. A national example includes the Big Dig in Boston, where the overhead epoxy anchors in the tunnel were installed incorrectly and therefore failed not long after the tunnel was opened. This caused a deadly accident with a motor vehicle. MDOT to this day still does not allow epoxy anchors.

To ensure your building or construction project is completely up to standards and meets all the building code requirements for integrated anchoring systems, Atlas Anchor is here to help with any anchor, fastener or rebar pull testing and shear testing services. We utilize our team of highly trained, experienced technicians to carry out every test with industry-calibrated equipment. This provides you the confidence in knowing that only the most qualified personnel will be tasked with determining the effectiveness of your anchor systems. 

Ensuring the Safety of All.

The importance behind conducting these tests is to determine the load resistance and to make sure the design is safe. The strength and load resistance of the base materials that hold your anchor systems in place are determined while ensuring correct installation of the anchors or rebar. We are able to conduct evaluation services on your jobsite prior to anchor or rebar installation, making the process easier for you. This also helps by providing the most accurate results when compared to completing testing off-site.

various factors we will look at during the anchor pull test: 

  • Testing the failure load of an anchor and finding the resistance of supporting anchorage
  • Finding the structural strength of the anchor system as well as the base material it is set within
  • Testing base material to determine if it is strong enough to support the weight of the anchors
  • Correct installation that meets the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Determining that the correct anchor was used for the application


At the conclusion of the test, we will provide you with a detailed report of the evaluation of your anchor or rebar pull test or anchor or rebar shear test. This report is valuable for many people within the project—including inspectors and clients who will be using the completed building.

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If you are interested in learning more about our anchor or rebar pull testing and anchor or rebar shear testing, get in touch with us for any specific questions to be answered. Atlas Anchor has you covered for all the anchor pull and shear testing needs for your building or construction project.

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