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The intent of this testing method is to assess the adequacy of the installation, and the overall effects of deterioration, such as moisture, age of material, etc, on the EIFS wall assembly as opposed to small localized areas of deterioration.

Uplift testing

Uplift testing, is a type of pull testing used to evaluate the strength and durability of adhesives, coatings, and other materials that are bonded to a substrate. There are different types of uplift testing methods, including bonded pull test, adhesive pull test, and insulation pull test.

Bonded Pull Testing

This test is used to measure the strength of a bond between two materials or surfaces.This test involves bonding two surfaces together then applying a controlled force to the bond and measuring the maximum force required to separate the two materials. Bonded pull tests are important in construction because they help ensure that building materials are securely attached to each other and can withstand the stresses of use and environmental conditions. Our professionals at Atlas Anchor specialize in bonded uplift testing, TAS-124 and tile uplift test TAS-106 according to the Florida Building code 2020

Adhesive Pull Testing

This test is similar to the bonded pull test, but it is used to test the strength of an adhesive itself rather than the bond between two surfaces. A small piece of the adhesive is bonded to a substrate, and then a machine applies force to pull the adhesive off the substrate until it fails.The force required to break the adhesive is measured and reported in the same units as the bonded pull test.

Insulation Pull Testing

This test is used to evaluate the bond strength between insulation materials andsubstrates, such as concrete, masonry, block or steel. It involves bonding the insulation material tothe substrate and then pulling it off using amachine that applies force until the bond fails

Maintaining quality control

In general, all of these types of testing are an important part of quality control in many industries.They help ensure the safety and durability of building and building components by evaluating the strength and bond or adhesion quality of various materials and systems.

ASTM E2359 is a great resource to use when determining a baseline testing method for your roofing or insulation projects. Our professionals at Atlas Anchors will make sure that your bonds are durable enough to withstand the forces they will encounter. Ensuring the safety of your crew and the longevity of your project.

Ensuring full compliance with national and local standard levels.

Our specialized jobsite anchor testing services are here to help ensure that your high-performance systems are fully compliant with national and local standards and are safe to use.

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