Certified Anchor Installation Inspections.

Fully Certified

Atlas Anchor Testing is a professional in the proper steps it takes to install various types of anchors.

We hold industry certifications in adhesive/epoxy anchor installations from Dewalt, Hilti and the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and are licensed professional engineers in 48 states. We can oversee the anchor installation on your project to maintain strict quality control to ensure each anchor is installed correctly and safely.

The importance of a professional

An incorrectly installed anchor can have a huge impact on public safety, owner’s interest, and legal implications for all installation and design professionals involved. Simply not cleaning the hole properly on an epoxy anchor bolt for a 1,200 pound I-Beam could cause it to fall and cause death, injury and property damage.

A significant amount of project engineering and architectural specifications / drawings are calling out anchor inspection services. The everyday inspectors on jobs enforcing local & national building codes unfortunately are not specialists in post installed anchor installation practices and could overlook critical steps.

Why Choose Atlas Anchor?

We will start with a top-down approach and review the project’s plans, inspect the job conditions and concrete, show the installers before they begin the proper technique and even come with our tools and supplies as backups to ensure no critical time is lost and installers are not sitting around wasting time.

Another important factor in the proper anchor installation is using the proper anchor for the job. We see so many engineering drawings that call the wrong anchor for the job. This is largely in part to the engineer or architect not knowing the job site conditions and them just choosing what they “think” will work. During our drawings review and job site walk through we can let our clients know what the correct anchor is for the job site conditions.

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