Guardrail & Balcony Testing.

Testing to ensure the guard rail and balcony systems can meet the demands required of them.

Guardrail and balcony testing are important because falls from elevated surfaces are a major cause of injury and death. By ensuring that guardrails and balconies are properly designed, installed, and tested, construction companies can help prevent accidents and protect their worker sand future occupants from harm. Additionally, ensuring that guardrails and balconies are properly tested and maintained can help protect the company from liability in the event of an accident

Meeting National & Local Requirements and Standards.

Guardrail and balcony testing are extremely important safety measures in construction that are designed to prevent falls and injuries from elevated surfaces, such as balconies or ledges.

Guardrail testing ensures that the guardrail system is properly installed, anchored, and can withstand the required amount of force without failure.

Balcony testing ensures that the balcony or other elevated surface is structurally sound and can support the intended load.

Guardrail & balcony testing includes: 

  • Anchor pull testing
  • Post load test
  • Guardrail load test
  • Balcony load test
  • Glass panel load test

State-of-the-Art Testing Equipment

With our state of the art testing equipment and our knowledgeable and experienced staff, we here at Atlas Anchor can ensure your guardrails and balconies are safe use and meet all national and local requirements and standards.

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