Helical Wall Pull Testing.

The Assessment of Strength & Load-Bearing Capacity

Helical wall ties are specialized structural connectors used in masonry construction to provide lateral support and improve the stability of masonry walls. They are designed to connect the outer wythes (layers) of brick or stone to the structural backing, such as concrete or steel, in order to enhance the overall strength and integrity of the wall. Helical wall tie pull testing is a procedure used to assess the strength and load-bearing capacity of helical wall ties or anchors installed in masonry structures.

How it Works.

During the pull testing process, a specialized apparatus is used to apply a controlled axial force to the helical wall tie, simulating the lateral loads that the tie may experience in real-world conditions. The force is gradually increased until the tie either reaches its design load capacity or fails. The test measures the maximum load the wall tie can withstand without breaking or causing excessive deformation.

Meeting & Retaining Quality Standards

It is extremely important to perform helical wall tie pull tests for many reasons.  Pull testing helps evaluate the structural capacity of helical wall ties, ensuring they can withstand the loads imposed on them.  This provides crucial information about the reliability and safety of the ties within the masonry system.

By performing pull tests construction professionals can verify if the ties meet the specified design requirements and quality standards. This process helps identify any potential defects or installation errors early on, allowing for timely corrective measures and ensuring quality control.

Pull testing is often required by building codes, regulations, or industry standards to ensure that the masonry structures meet the prescribed safety criteria. By conducting these tests, construction projects can demonstrate compliance with the applicable guidelines.

Construction professionals can also mitigate their liability in case of structural failures or accidents by conducting pull tests. It serves as evidence that appropriate measures were taken to ensure the integrity of the masonry system. 

Protecting People and Structures.

Our professionals at Atlas anchors can perform helical wall tie pull testing ensuring the reliability and safety of the wall ties and the overall stability of masonry structures. We strive to help builders, contractors, and engineers meet building codes, regulations, and industry standards, reducing liability and ensuring the long-term performance of the masonry system.

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