We were hired to do EIFS Systems testing in accordance with ASTM 2359.  The reason for the testing was because the building was built 10 years prior and the EIFS installation system was installed incorrectly then stuccoed.  Eventually the building started experiencing heating and cooling problems for the tenants and energy efficiency problems.  Ultimately the building needed to have a new EIFS system installed and stuccoed at a huge cost till to the owner.  The new architect wanted to ensure that the new EIFS system was installed correctly so they required a ASTM E2359 bonded pull test.  Atlas Anchor performed the testing in accordance with the ASTM standard and a criteria of 600 lb per test.  All testing passed, which gave the architect confidence that the EIFS system was installed correctly so that they could proceed with stuccoing the building.  The owner was given peace of mind that the system was installed correctly and would not have the same problems from when it was built.

25-40 31st Street, Queens, NY, USA