The owner SL Greene was renovating this building into a Class A office space which included a whole new exterior renovation.  The window contractor did a design build system specific to the building.  The building was originally built in the 1960s.  The concrete conditions were very inconsistent.  The engineer Vidaris required extensive pull testing to ensure that the anchoring systems for the new exterior system would meet requirements.  Atlas Anchor did tension and shear testing.  Pull testing is crucial for any window, cladding, or paneling systems being installed into existing buildings. This is especially important for buildings with poor/questionable concrete.  One of the main reasons being that these applications are being installed at the edge of the concrete slab where they are the weakest and most vulnerable for cracking and spalling.  Atlas Anchor’s pull testing enabled the contractor to use a Dewalt Screw Bolt+ over a Hilti HY200 epoxy.  This saved the contractor a significant amount of time and money, enabling the paneling system to be installed four times faster.  Vadaris tasked Atlas Anchor with testing the anchors under simulated real world conditions that the paneling system would put them under.

460 West 34th Street, New York, NY, USA