Atlas Anchor Testing was hired by the curtain wall contractor at 4650 Broadway in New York to do the leading concrete edge anchor pull testing. This is a 19 story and 222-unit residential tower in the Inwood neighborhood in New York City. The architect and engineer had safety and quality control at the top of the priority list to ensure the ½ Hilti Kwik bolts and 3/8 Hilti KH-EZ1’s was installed correctly and that the edge of the concrete was strongest enough to support the load that they were designed for. It is important to always test anchors installed on a leading edge of a concrete slab because this is the weakest point of the slab. The edge of the concrete greatly reduces the performance of the anchors if critical edge distance is not met. If these anchors are installed even 1” closer to the edge than they should their performance could be cut in half. Over time this critical mistake will cause the concrete edge and anchor to crack and then it will put more stress on the other anchors in the system that they were not designed to withhold.

4650 Broadway, New York, NY, USA