The Audubon Aquarium was renovating the salt water aquarium that housed hundreds of marine animals, including an 80 year old sea turtle, sand tiger shark, and tarpon.  The room that housed the aquarium was deteriorating due to the corrosive salt water environment.  The renovation was a very complex project because everything had to be done over an open body of water full of extremely sensitive marine life.  The engineer designed a netting system for the workers to walk on that would stretch over the aquarium.  This system would be anchored into the concrete walls surrounding the aquarium.  Since the netting system would have workers walking on it and would be very dynamic, a traditional anchor system would fail.  The engineer designed a system with Dewalt CCU+ Undercut Anchors and 316 Stainless Steel.  The engineers required these anchors to be pull tested due to the life safety involved.  If a worker with their gear were to fall into the water it would result in injury or death.  The anchors were tested to 4000 lbs and passed.  Atlas Anchor then supplied the project with a complete Dewalt CCU+ Undercut Anchor System with dustless installation tools.  The dustless installation tools were imperative because no concrete dust from drilling could fall into the aquarium.

Audubon Aquarium, Canal Street, New Orleans, LA, USA