One of the largest construction projects in New York State Department of Transportation history was the Bruckner Expressway Project.  This project was fast moving and demanding.  Atlas Anchor was hired by Tully Construction and Posillico Inc. During the project the concrete contractor forgot to pour concrete into the blisters of the highway walls.  These blisters were for highway signage and lighting poles.  Once they realized their mistake they had to dowel rebar and por concrete to form the blister.  The signage and lighting anchors then had to be drilled and grouted with Sika anchoring grout.  Since these anchors are now post-installed, the New York State Department of Transportation and the LIRO group required each of them to be tested to 30,000 lbs.  There were 120 anchors total.  What made this more challenging was that the contractor was so behind they had to install the signage before the anchors could get tested.  We then had to custom fabricate a stand that could enable us to test the anchor in close proximity to the 8 inch hole. The stand alone weighed 90 lbs and had to be moved from testing location to testing location.  This project took 10 trips in the middle of summer but in the end all anchors passed and the DOT signed off on the project.

Bruckner Expressway, The Bronx, NY, USA