Atlas Anchor fabricated custom anchor bolts for a tunnel that was being built on Fort Shafter, a U.S. Army base in Oahu, HI. The material was needed in a very short timeframe and needed to make a deadline for a freight leaving from San Diego, CA. The specifications for the anchor bolts where very strict and they were as follows: 1 1/8″ x 36.5″ LG, Plain Finish, Class 2A thread, per ASTM F 1554-07A, Grade 105 and comply with The Buy American Act and be from the same steel spool lot and have traceable certifications. We then had to hire a certified metallurgical testing laboratory to test the anchor bolts in respect to Rockwell Hardness in accordance with ASTM E 18-11, Tensile Testing per ASTM A 370-12 and Chemical Composition per ASTM E 415-08. Atlas Anchor LLC successfully sourced the American made steel, fabricated the anchor bolts, had the metallurgical tested, and made the deadline for the freight ship.

Fort Shafter, Honolulu, HI, U.S.