At this project Atlas Anchor was contracted to do pull testing on the anchors for a first of its kind vertical scaffold system.  We did multiple phases of testing with many anchors (DeWalt Screw Bolt Plus+, DeWalt Power-Bolt+) to identify the optimal anchor for their application. The anchor that performed the best was the DeWalt Screw Bolt plus ¾ x 6 #PFM1411800.  These bolts ultimately tested to 7000 lbs each.  The final phase of testing included us testing the anchors anchoring the brackets  which laterally supported a scaffold system.  The final test involved testing up to 20,000 pounds.   This was a very challenging project because of the type and age of the concrete and the application requirements.  Our services prevented the contractor from having to use a chemical anchor epoxy system that would have cost them 10 times more in material and labor and most importantly sped up the installation time of the scaffolding system.

Manhattan Detention Complex, White Street, New York, NY, USA