Boraie Development LLC built a 33 story and 370 residential unit new construction building.  The special inspection agency hired Atlas Anchor to do pull testing on the roof anchors to the OSHA standard 1910.27 Rope Descent Systems Window Cleaning Safety Standard.  Each of the 80 anchors were pull tested to 5,000 lbs. Roof anchor testing is now required by OSHA because of the life safety hazard they pose in the window cleaning and roof maintenance of a building. The special inspector also hired Atlas Anchor to do Balcony Rail testing in accordance with the 2015 New Jersey Building Code and Specification Section 057010-1.  The New Jersey Building Code required the system to be tested to 200 lbs per balcony railing.  50 balcony railings out of the 200 were tested. Balcony and Guardrail system testing is becoming more common in the construction industry because the liability involved with the guardrail or balcony railing being installed incorrectly is high and the room for error is small. If these systems are installed incorrectly and fail then they can result in serious injury or death. These systems are installed at the edge of concrete slabs where concrete is at its weakest and anchors have their lowest performance capabilities.

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