The Department of Environmental Protection DEP was renovating their 16 inch overhead sewage piping.  Each pipe section alone weighs 2000 lbs before sewage and with sewage would weigh 4000 lbs.  This was a very demanding load because it was so heavy and dynamic with the sewage moving through it.  The anchors used were 1 inch Dewalt Power Stud+ SD1 Wedge Anchors, which the engineer required to be tested to 7000 lbs each.  20 anchors were tested and each anchor passed.  During the testing, Atlas Anchor noticed that the anchors were being installed too close to the slab edge and would be greatly weakened.  We advised the contractor to remove them and install them to meet the minimum edge distance requirements as required by Dewalt installation instructions.  They did so and this prevented future failures.

North River Wastewater Treatment Plant, Hudson River Greenway, New York, NY, USA