The University of Miami Health Care was renovating the loading docks of their hospital. The engineer chose a Dockzillaco modular loading dock to improve their loading and unloading capabilities.  The threat of hurricanes in South Florida  created a serious uplift hazard for the loading dock system.  The engineer wanted to ensure that the loading docks anchors could withstand the uplift forces applied to them during a hurricane.  One of the complexities of the project was that the owner wanted to use the existing asphalt for the anchoring.  Asphalt has very low compressive strength compared to poured concrete.  The anchors tested were Hilti HY200, Dewalt AC100+ Gold, Dewalt Screw Bolt+, and Hilti Kwick HUS Screw Anchor.  The testing determined that none of the anchors could meet the load required.  This resulted in the engineer deciding to pour new concrete in the loading dock area.

1400 Northwest 12th Avenue, Miami, FL, USA