Urecc Darco is a coal mine in Darco, Texas that supplies power to the Upshur Rural Electrical Cooperative.   New power poles were being installed at the mine and being anchored onto concrete platforms that were poured on site with cast in place anchor bolts.  The power poles were 90 feet tall and 3 feet in diameter.  During the pouring of the concrete for the platform one of the anchor bolts was damaged by a piece of heavy equipment and needed to be replaced.  The anchor bolt was replaced with a Hilti RE500 Epoxy System.  The engineer then wanted to ensure that the post installed anchor bolt could withstand a 100,000 lb pull test in accordance with ASTME 488.  The contractor could not install the utility pole until the test was done.  Atlas Anchor was able to mobilize to Darco, Texas with all the appropriate equipment within 2 days.  The anchor was successfully tested and the project was able to continue.

Darco, TX, USA