The Van Wyck Expressway capacity and access improvement to JFK, a 1.3 billion dollar New York State Department of Transportation project.  Atlas Anchor was hired by Tully Construction and Posillico Inc. to do temporary soil anchor testing and lock off for the temporary soil anchors on the Nassaue Expressway over the Van Wyck Expressway Bridge widening phase.  This was a very complex project for Atlas Anchor because it involved testing 1 ¼ inch by 25 foot soil anchors installed at 15 degrees on the sides of an in-service bridge.  The anchors had to be cycle tested up to 60,000 lbs according to NYS DOT Geotechnical Engineering Manual GEM-17.  This is a very uncommon application for New York City.  Once successfully tested the anchors had to be locked off at 85% of their design load.  After each row of anchors was tested and locked off, the contractor then excavated the earth below and installed another row of soil anchors.   A total of 40 temporary soil anchors were tested.

Van Wyck Expressway, Jamaica, NY, USA