The Woolworth Building was built in 1910 and is a landmark in the New York City Skyline.  The Woolworth was built brick by brick with red terracotta hollow brick.  In the era that is was built red terracotta brick was the innovative material of its day.  Red terracotta brick in a system is very strong, but when you get down to it,  brick by brick, it can almost be broken by hand.  It is a very common type of concrete in Lower Manhattan and is a nightmare to work with for contractors and engineers.  In 2016 the upper floors of the Woolworth were turned into the exclusive Woolworth Tower Residences.  Atlas Anchor was hired by the general contractor to do pull testing on Dewalt AC100+ Gold Epoxy Anchors with Nylon Screen Tubes and Redhead Umbrella inserts.  The epoxy with the sleeve anchors tested to 700 lbs each.  The epoxy with the umbrella inserts tested to 2000 lbs each.

Woolworth Building, New York, NY, USA