Skidmore Testing.

Ensuring Structural Integrity.

Skidmore bolt testing refers to a specific method of testing the tension, clamping force and strength of high-strength bolts used in construction. It is named after the Skidmore-Wilhelm testing apparatus, which is commonly used for this purpose.

During construction, high-strength bolts are often used to join structural elements together, such as steel beams or columns. These bolts are required to meet specific standards for tension and strength to ensure the structural integrity of the overall construction.

Skidmore bolt testing involves applying a tensile load to a bolt using a hydraulic jack while measuring the applied load and elongation of the bolt. The test is typically conducted by placing a washer and a nut on the bolt and then applying the load until the desired tension is achieved.

Why Testing is Vital.

Our professionals at Atlas anchor can perform Skidmore bolt testing as a means of quality control to ensure the reliability and safety of bolted connections in construction projects. With connections tested, construction professionals can have confidence in the integrity and reliability of the bolted connections within their structures.

Skidmore bolt testing is important during construction for several reasons:

Quality Control

It ensures that the bolts are correctly installed and tightened to the specified tension, minimizing the risk of loose or improperly fastened connections.

Structural Integrity

 Skidmore bolt testing helps verify that the bolted connections can safely handle the loads and forces that will be applied to them, preventing failures or structural deficiencies.


Properly tightened bolts provide secure connections, reducing the potential for accidents, structural collapses, or component separations that could pose risks to workers and the public.


Skidmore bolt testing ensures that construction projects adhere to relevant industry standards, building codes, and engineering specifications.

Client Testimonials.

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