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Atlas Anchor knows how important anchor testing is during construction. By testing the strength and capacity of the anchors we can ensure that the structure will be able to withstand the load it is designed to support, even under extreme conditions.

Earth anchor applications we specialize in:

Soil Anchor Testing

Soil anchor testing involves installing an anchor into the ground and applying a load to it to measure its capacity. The test is used to determine the stability of the anchor in different soil conditions and to ensure that it can withstand the loads it is designed to support. This type of testing is important in situations where structures must be anchored to soil slopes or embankments, as it helps to prevent erosion and soil instability. This type of testing is commonly used for retaining walls, slopes, and foundation walls

Tieback Anchor Testing

Tieback anchor testing is similar to soil anchor testing but is used specifically for anchors that are installed horizontally and are designed to resist tensile loads. These anchors are typically used to support retaining walls or other structures that require need to resist lateral forces. The test involves applying a load to the anchor and measuring the deflection to determine its strength and capacity.

Grouted Anchor Testing

Grouted anchor testing is used to test anchors that are installed in concrete or rock using grout. The test involves drilling a hole into a structure and filling it with grout. The anchor is then inserted into the grout and tested for its tension and its ability to resist pullout. This type of testing is typically used for bridges, dams, and other large-scale infrastructure projects.

Rock Anchor Testing

Rock anchor testing is used to test anchors that are installed into rock formations. The test involves drilling a hole into rock and installing an anchor into the hole. The anchor is then tested for its ability to resist pullout or tension. This type of testing is important in situations in rocky terrain where structures need to be anchored to rock formations, such as in mining operations orin the construction of dams or tunnels

Identifying Issues Before They Become a Problem

Each state in the USA will have different testing and passing criteria for these tests on their DOT projects and we can adjust our skills to any state specific criteria needed. This helps to prevent collapses or other structural failures that could result in injury or loss of life.

Additionally, these tests can help to identify potential issues early in the construction process, allowing engineers to make necessary adjustments and modifications to the design as needed, ensuring structures are built to last. Our professionals can protect the safety of your crew and ensure the reliability of the structures being built.

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